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  • Real

    Our approach to personal training is based on sound principles & methods. Program design is focused on what's effective and most appropriate for the individual client. We do not subscribe to fitness "fads"; there is no substitute for hard work! We believe our no-nonsense approach to fitness is what sets our personal training apart from others in Montreal.

  • Quality

    Our personal trainers are some of Montreal's best! We are knowledgeable coaches, communicators and athletes. We attend seminars, workshops and practice, practice, practice! We don't believe a high price tag equals value; our clients prefer to pay for the quality of personal training versus costly add-on services.

  • Results

    Results matter. They matter to you and they matter to us. Whether the desired goal is to improve posture, do 10 push-ups or to lose 40 lbs, every choice we make in our personal training programs is based on whether or not it will deliver results to the client. We have helped clients all over the Montreal area achieve their fitness goals - you could be next!

Training on a budget?

Small group training is a great way to get in shape and still benefit from the attention & coaching of personal training. Ask us for details!

It’s Hard Out There For a Girl!

I spent the summer working with an 18 year-old football player. He just left to attend Furman University, S.C, on scholarship starting this fall. My job? To get him bigger, stronger, and faster in 9 weeks before heading to training camp. The results? His numbers were awesome, his technique greatly improved, he packed on some muscle, he regularly killed his prowler sprints, we took care of his old shoulder injuries, AND he got some dating advice. Not bad for 2 months!

After a few weeks of training, he told me his friends couldn’t believe he had a female strength coach. How would a girl be able to get the results he needed? Luckily, (for him), he did his homework, searched online, visited gyms, met coaches, and finally chose Epicentre. But, as much as it bugged me, I understood his friends’ perspective. I mean, I’m not some big jacked dude with tribal tattoos, right? So what could I possibly teach him about lifting big weights?

Geez! It can be hard out there for a female strength coach! Read more

What’s the Deal with “Real”?

What does the word “REAL” mean around here at Epicentre?


The first thing you’ll see on the Epicentre Training homepage is the word REAL.  But what does it mean to us and why is it so prominent?  When I opened Epicentre in 2008, I wanted something different from conventional gyms where I had been working as a personal trainer and trying to do my own powerlifting training.


I wanted a return to basics.  Simple equipment, a straight-forward approach, solid & appropriate programming and training methods. I was tired of watching clients get subjected to silly, “fad” training methods and paying exorbitant sums of money for it, simply because it was well-marketed.  I wanted the quality of the training and the atmosphere to speak for itself.  No need for fancy changing rooms, flashy machines or sexy advertising to sell our memberships and contracts. This does not mean that we aren’t constantly learning, improving and evolving – it just means that we are the filter for you, the client. We sort through the fads to determine what is sensible and effective. We get results in the most efficient and safe way, and that’s what matters.


I wanted to be authentic.  All of our trainers are accomplished athletes; we walk our talk. We’re always working to improve our skills & knowledge.  Our trainers regularly meet to discuss our clients and how we can serve them better.  We test exercises and training programs out on ourselves & each other first.  We’re committed to being the best at what we do.  I’ve literally seen people get hired to work as trainers in competing gyms in Montreal with NO prior experience and their only qualification was that they “looked good” and knew the right people.  I’ve even had some of these people sign up at Epicentre to learn basic techniques & concepts only to hear that they’ve just been hired as the latest “expert” trainer at another facility, or even better, opened their own gym without any real base of knowledge or experience.


I wanted to be genuine.  I love working with our clients and seeing them succeed; they are more than just a pay-check. They come to us not just with goals but with their real lives in tow – kids, jobs, relationships, bad habits, etc.  We take all of that into consideration so we can help them come up with a plan to fit physical activity into their schedules and create healthy habits in their daily lives. We check in with our clients outside of the gym, make ourselves reach-able during off hours (as I write this I just received this text from a client – “Help! Out with friends for dinner, 2 choices – sushi or thin-crust pizza. What do I do?”.  Bottom line: we’re real people who understand you’ve got real-life challenges and we know because we’ve been there too!  We care and we’re here to help.


I wanted to be honest in my approach.  We’re honest with clients about whether or not we’re the right fit for them and if we can help them.  You don’t believe in strength training? That’s okay, move along. You don’t want to talk about changing your diet even though your goal is fat-loss? No problem, but don’t expect great results. Not willing to address that bad shoulder issue that’s like a ticking time-bomb? Better go get some treatment or don’t expect to be bench pressing any time soon.  Looking for some place where you can have unlimited access to treadmills and ellipticals? Sorry, not here.  We are Montreal’s premier facility for strength & conditioning, fat-loss, and strength athletics. That’s where we focus our energy and expertise.  If you like our approach to training, our ethos, and feel comfortable in our facility, then we’re glad to have you stay, and we’ll work our hardest to help you reach your goals.


With all of this in mind, the word “REAL” seemed to sum up the vision I had back in 2008 and it still rings true for me today. If you stop by Epicentre, talk to our clients, our members, and our trainers, you’ll feel it immediately. We are REAL and that’s where the road to your goals begins.

Missing the Point

Confession: I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I like being good at the things I do, whether it’s powerlifting, cooking, or organizing my closet (sad but true). I think it’s a common quality with athletes – it’s part of what drives us, motivates us to get up day after day, for months, years, decades even, to train, get better, push past our limits. But I think this can often be to our detriment. I know it can be for me.


Last Sunday, I drove out to my brother’s place in rural Ontario (to visit my adorable baby niece!) and go snow-shoeing on their property. I had trained the day before (heavy block pulls) so my low back and legs were sore and stiff.  As I drove up that morning, I was thinking “This is going to be great for my recovery”.  I was even planning out the blog post I’d write later on about different ways to approach recovery. I packed a snack too, with just the right ratio of carbs & protein to consume post snowy-excursion.

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