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  • Real

    Our approach to personal training is based on sound principles & methods. Program design is focused on what's effective and most appropriate for the individual client. We do not subscribe to fitness "fads"; there is no substitute for hard work! We believe our no-nonsense approach to fitness is what sets our personal training apart from others in Montreal.

  • Quality

    Our personal trainers are some of Montreal's best! We are knowledgeable coaches, communicators and athletes. We attend seminars, workshops and practice, practice, practice! We don't believe a high price tag equals value; our clients prefer to pay for the quality of personal training versus costly add-on services.

  • Results

    Results matter. They matter to you and they matter to us. Whether the desired goal is to improve posture, do 10 push-ups or to lose 40 lbs, every choice we make in our personal training programs is based on whether or not it will deliver results to the client. We have helped clients all over the Montreal area achieve their fitness goals - you could be next!

Training on a budget?

Small group training is a great way to get in shape and still benefit from the attention & coaching of personal training. Contact us for training times & pricing!

Jennifer’s Inspiring Success Story: Tackling Challenges, Losing 100lbs, and Gaining Back Health!

I started working with Jennifer a year ago, when her main goal was weight loss.  She had over 100 pounds to lose to reach a healthy weight.  I am proud and excited to share this story with you because within one year she has surpassed her initial goal. That’s right folks – Jennifer has lost over 100 pounds.  Amazing!

It was not an easy accomplishment, and required hard work every day.  Training included resistance and conditioning circuits of progressive intensity between 4 to 5 times per week.  Following a nutrition plan meant being committed through holidays, parties, dinners with friends, family gatherings, work luncheons…  Jennifer stayed on track and her results demonstrate her dedication and commitment.

Reflecting on the past year, there are so many events that speak to Jennifer’s success.  Milestones in weight loss, shopping at ‘regular’ stores, buying a bathing suit and going to the pool with her son.  But, there is so much more to the story than weight loss alone.  As the weight came off, our focus turned to health, fitness, confidence, and other obstacles that she faced at a heavier weight.  Jennifer has told me that she had felt trapped by the extra weight.  Now, she feels more independent, younger, alive, and in control of her life.  Jennifer’s success has given her the confidence to face new challenges, and knows that she can succeed when she sticks to her guns!

Jennifer has set some new goals – things like sets of real push ups, learning barbell bench press and deadlift, and doing a 5k.  At one point these things seemed unthinkable – but are now in the works!

I am truly inspired by Jennifer and how she has embraced the new challenges in her life.  She has conquered so many obstacles – big and small – and has done it with a smile!

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Looking Back: Iron Sisters Strength Camp

Phew! It’s been a busy couple of months here at Epicentre. With 2014 quickly coming to an end, our staff has been reflecting on the highlights of this year – as trainers, coaches, and athletes!  Each week in December, we’ll take a look back at an event that changed us for the better in 2014. Here’s one of Catherine’s highlights – attending the Iron Sisters Strength Camp this past summer in Hamilton, Ont.  World-classs athletes &coaches came together to cover all things lifting-related – from training, recovery and nutrition, to mental preparation, and everything in between.

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