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  • Real

    Our approach to personal training is based on sound principles & methods. Program design is focused on what's effective and most appropriate for the individual client. We do not subscribe to fitness "fads"; there is no substitute for hard work! We believe our no-nonsense approach to fitness is what sets our personal training apart from others in Montreal.

  • Quality

    Our personal trainers are some of Montreal's best! We are knowledgeable coaches, communicators and athletes. We attend seminars, workshops and practice, practice, practice! We don't believe a high price tag equals value; our clients prefer to pay for the quality of personal training versus costly add-on services.

  • Results

    Results matter. They matter to you and they matter to us. Whether the desired goal is to improve posture, do 10 push-ups or to lose 40 lbs, every choice we make in our personal training programs is based on whether or not it will deliver results to the client. We have helped clients all over the Montreal area achieve their fitness goals - you could be next!

Training on a budget?

Small group training is a great way to get in shape and still benefit from the attention & coaching of personal training. Contact us for training times & pricing!

Update: Jennifer’s Success Story – 130 pounds lost!

One of our biggest success stories of 2014 is our client Jennifer, who was featured in this blog post back in May.  Jennifer has continued to work hard and her total weight loss is now an incredible 130 pounds! We’re so proud of her continued commitment to training and ultimately, to herself.

The focus of Jennifer’s training is no longer just the number on the scale.  Initially, it was important to see the number come down as she had a significant amount of weight to lose but, now that she’s close to the “goal weight” her doctor had set for her, it’s more important for us to focus on body composition. Rather than just trying to lose ‘weight’, we want Jennifer to continue to lose body fat while building lean, strong muscle tissue. At this point, muscle is what’s going to give shape and firmness to her new body, and give her the strength and energy to tackle her many new goals.

Our strategy for this is lifting weights (yes, heavy weights!), incorporating short, high-intensity conditioning circuits, and continuing to focus on good eating habits. Jennifer always gives 100% in her sessions and she’s becoming an expert in choosing the right foods for her body.

We couldn’t be more proud of Jennifer, and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2015 holds for this strong & determined woman!

2015 Nationals Recap, Worlds, and Training Year in Review

Everyone keeps asking me how Nationals went and the answer is…it’s a long story!  One that actually started after Nationals last year. Since I like long stories and this is my blog, here it is:

Yes, I’m going to Finland!  So much work and prep went into this year as my goal was to win 1st place and qualify for World Championships in Finland this June.  I have won my class 3x before at Nationals (2009 & 2010 Equipped 67.5kg, 2014 Raw 63kg) but I haven’t felt ready to compete internationally until now.  Knowing this was the end-goal and feeling the pressure to come in 1st at Nationals made for an intense season and competition.  I’m happy to report that I succeeded in my ‘mission’ and I’m so incredibly excited and honoured to represent my country on the Worlds stage in Salo, Finland!

Last year: After finishing 1st last year in 63kg Open at Nationals, I injured my shoulder pretty badly (separated a/c and torn you-name-it), and had to take a full 3 months off from any kind of pressing (not even push ups!).  I also had a hard time maintaining my weight at 63kgs and went off the rails a bit after competing.  I spent last summer doing SSB Squats, sled drags, and eating what I felt like.  That, and a trip to Germany (read: hella cheese + strudel), meant that when I started training all 3 lifts again in September I was weighing in at almost 68kgs.  I knew it was time to re-evaluate the situation.  My thought process went like this: I’ve been powerlifting for the last 12 years.  I have done relatively well but I have never achieved my goal of competing at a Worlds Championships.  I’ve never made lifting my sole priority because I was busy building a business or dealing with health issues.  These things are now more-or-less under control and at age 34, I’m no powerlifting-spring-chicken anymore.  Therefore, as a great philosopher once said, it was time to “shit or get off the pot”. Read more