Well folks – this week was the end of my training for The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.  That’s right, I’ll be competing at THE Arnold in less than a week.  After I qualified it seemed like I had loads of time to train and get it together – and here we are already!

This is the first year that theres’s a Strongwoman category, and it’s really exciting to be part of it!   There’s a big group of women – many that I’ve met and competed against at various NAS competitions over the years.  These ladies are fierce, strong – and at the same time super supportive!  The competition takes place over two days – but here’s the catch – to make it to day 2 you have to place in top 4 on day 1!!  My two best events are day 2 (H-Stone & Atlas Stone), so hopefully I can hold my own on day 1!!  

Day 1

1) Axle Clean & Press for Reps (60 sec) – 150 lbs

2) Yoke Carry & Prowler Push (50 ft ea, 60 sec) – 550 lb Yoke, and Prowler TBA

3) Deadlift Medley (60 sec) – 275 lb Axle x1, 305 lb Bar x1, 550 lb Frame – as many as possible

4) Wheel Barrow Load & Carry – 100 feet, loading 150 lb Kegs and Sand Bags every 25 feet

Day 2 

1) Circus DB Clean & Press (60 sec) – 80 lbs

2) H-Stone for distance – 240 lbs

3) Atlas Stone over Bar for Reps (75 sec) – 200 lb Stone

Warren put together the most amazing training program “Everybody has the right to get JACKED” to prep me for this event.  I’ve hit a big PR on Axle overhead, played with the BiggDogg Circus DB, and have pushed through event after event.        

It is absolutely an honour to even be competing at The Arnold.  I can’t wait to push my limits among the best-of-the-best, and I’ll do my best to represent Epicentre! 


2 responses to “Meredith is OFF TO THE AHHHNULDDD!

  1. Can you come for a visit and help me move some furniture? Kidding 😉

    NO but seriously I need a vsit so that you can kick my butt for a week or two!!!

    Good luck I know that you will do great!

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