I was reading Andrew’s log about his sub-par performance on his block pulls. I think the Rolling Stones said it best – “You don’t always get what you want”. I just think you need to get the work in because you will be better for it. Far too often, folks (I am referring to competitive strength athletes) don’t train hard or don’t train at all when they haven’t slept or simply just feel like shit. Well folks – when you feel like shit at a contest do you simply say “Hey – I am going to skip that event because I didn’t sleep”. All I am saying is that we say train like you play and play like you train – and often we play feeling like shit so we need to train feeling like shit. I am not referring to illness which is a different story – don’t get me sick or I will be pissed.

Anyways my back feels like shit – so I was a bit like Andrew and just wanted to forge through it and pick weights that match the shitty-ness.

5×3 Farmer’s Deadlifts (No Straps) – Harv and I worked up to 355lbs/hand (710lbs). My right hand squirted blood.
3×6 Block Pulls – First 2 sets done with 545lbs and last set with 495lbs.
3×8 T-Grip Grappler Rows – My hands were mince meat by then.

One response to “Week 2 – Day 1 and some additional thoughts

  1. Sometimes I wonder if its better to just always think you are shit then you end up really surprising yourself! I think I do worse in the gym when I really anticipate a workout; being excited for it and planning to hit something usually works against me. But I can’t be that way because I need to plan to hit something in competition!

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