I think the benching took some snap out of my log press….in any case, it went down like this.

4x6x210lbs 12.5″ Log Press – Not super duper but got my prescribed reps
2xAmapx65lbs – 18 and 14 reps
4×12 Reverse Flys
4×20 Facepulls

Really working on trying to bring Bruce’s bench back up for the powerlifting competition in December. The goal is 460 lbs which I think is very possible….

On an another note, for all of Andrew’s education, his upbringing in Shitsville denied him from being exposed to popular culture. It’s sort of like that movie “Educating Rita”. So here you go Andrew – watch and learn….

One response to “Week 2 – Day 2

  1. 1. Googled “Educating Rita”… it came out in 1983. I wasn’t even born.
    2. Googled this awful, awful song… it came out in 1984. I still wasn’t even born. Is it even a song or is it just some senior citizen talking with music in the background?

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