Napalm Classic Recap

August 23rd was the Napalm Classic and it was two-thirds good. Two-thirds because bench went well 3 for 3 and a new meet PR of 152.5kg. Deadlift was really exciting I smoked my 265kg opener, smoked my 275kg 2nd attempt getting a new all time PR, then I pretty much smoked my third attempt at 290kg but I ended up sort of hitching so the lift didn’t count. Squat went 1/3 only got 225kg failed on 232.5kg twice. I only really back squatted for 5 weeks before the meet and I tried changing my bar position to avoid the tilt so I can’t be too disappointed with what I ended up doing. The meet itself was really well organized only thing missing was some air conditioning I think it was close 30C in there.

Next Meet: Saguenay Open

I knew I was going to be doing the Saguenay open back in April when Joel said he was planning on hosting it and having a gala after. I was just waiting for the date. I’m pretty excited for this meet because there will be a lot of great lifters in attendance. I also can’t deny partying with Joel and other Quebec powerlifters after the meet will make the long drive out there worth it.

After pulling 290kg I know that I  have some strength in my legs and back that I just haven’t been able to demonstrate on the squat so I told Kacey and Warren I really wanted to focus on squatting in the next training cycle. So far I feel like my squat has really improved but the volume seems to leave me drained for my other lifts. I need to re-calibrate my expectations on what I can bench and deadlift while on this level of squat volume. Of course that is really tough because weights that seemed really easy before are moving so slowly now it is depressing! Here is how it has played out:

August 25, 26, 28 2014 (Week 21)

For the week right after the meet I was brutally sore so I just did a bunch of light stuff.

August 30, 2014

Pause 1″ Above Chest: 275×3, 275×3, 280×3

Bench: 210×18 (20 reps with the last paused still evades me)

Cook Band Squat: 315x5x5 (These are squats with band around the waist to help me stop shifting more weight on to my left leg)

Chest Support Row: 50x10x3

Sept. 1st, 2014 (Week 22)

Squat: 185kgx3x10

Snatch Grip DL: 405×4, 435×4, 435×4

Walking Lunges: 24kg x 2 lengths x3 (these left me sore for days)

Sept. 2nd, 2014

Paused Bench: 315×1, 325×1, 335×1, 325×1 (These were all too slow, something I need to work on)

Paused Bench: 275×3, 275×3, 275×5

DB OHP: 60×4, 60×1, 50×5, 50×7

Incline Skull Crushers DB: 40x10x4

Planted BPA: Purplex20x4

Sept. 4th, 2014

Sumo DL: 220x2x8

Stiff DL: 190x6x3

Squat: 385x2x10

Sept. 6th, 2014

Long Pause: 275×3, 275×3, 275×3, 280×3, 280×3

Bench: 210×16

Box Squat: 315×6, 325×6, 335×6, 335×6 (all beltless)

Kroc Row: 85x12x3

Sept. 8th, 2014 (Week 23)

Squat: 187.5×3, 190x3x9

Paused Sumo: 455x4x3 (I’m trying to hold the pause a little lower down so that I don’t ingrain a bad habit that led to my hitching)

Step Ups: 24kgx6x4

Sept. 9th, 2014

Paused Bench: 310×2, 310×2, 290×2, 290×2 (so slow)

Paused Bench: 245×3, 245×3, 245×3, 245×6

BB OHP: 135x6x4

Incline Skull Crushers DB: 40x10x4

Sept. 11th, 2014

Sumo DL: 265×2, 250×2, 250×2, 250×2, 200×2 (These were really slow and hard)

Conv DL Box: 230x3x4

Squat: 395x2x10

Sept. 13th, 2014

Bottom End Drive: 275×3, 265×3, 260×3 (Slow, couldn’t get any leg drive)

Legless Bench: 185×6, 225×6, 245×6, 245×5 (I think Warren had me do these to show me I have no leg drive. I could pretty much bench as much legless as with leg drive. Pretty crazy)

SSB Squats: 340x6x4

Sept. 15th, 2014 (Week 24)

Squat: 195kgx3x10 (These were really quite fast)

Snatch Grip DL: 435x4x3

Walking Lunges: 24kg x 2 lengths x3 (These weren’t as bad as the first time around)

Sept. 16th, 2014

Pause Bench: 285×3, 290×3, 290×3, 290×3, 290×3 (These were too slow still)

Pause Bench: 245×3, 245×3, 245×6

DB OHP: 50×3, 50×8, 50×8, 50×8

Incline Skullcrushers DB: 40x10x4

Planted BPA: Purplex20x4

Sept. 18th, 2014

Sumo DL: 220kgx2x8 (Not as fast as I would like)

Stiff DL: 200kgx6x3

Squat: 405x2x10 (Most of these were really good, a few slower sets which I noticed is based on my concentration)

Sept. 20th, 2014

Long Pause: 125kgx3x5 (These were mostly all too slow, didn’t get my last rep on my last set)

Bench: 95kgx10x2 (I couldn’t muster the energy to go beyond 10 so I just did two sets of ten, really pathetic)

Box Squat: 315×6, 335×6, 335×6, 345×6 (Very hard at first then got a lot easier)

Kroc Rows: 75×12, 105×12, 105×12

Chest Supported Rows: 40×12 (I really like these with a pause at the top)


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