April 23rd – Powerlifting Competition

April 23rd – Our 7th Annual Powerlifting Competition and the first one in our new space! It promises to be bigger and better than ever. This event will be a fundraiser for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Details to follow. IPF Sanctioned.

Movie Night – Friday Feb 26th

Friday Feb 26th is Movie Night at Epicentre! Beat the winter blues – bring lawn chairs and blankets, set up on our turf, and watch a movie projected onto the walls above the squat racks! $10 at the door – we’ll supply the pizza and popcorn. BYOB. Everyone welcome.

Life Lessons From Powerlifting

A few months ago, I invited some of Canada’s best female powerlifters to come kick it with me in Montreal for the weekend. Steph Puddicome, Joanna Rieber, Sarah Kolbuc, Sarah Leighton, Jessica Benedetto, and Meana Franco all hopped in their cars and on planes to come train, eat, and hang together for a mere 24 … Continued

Why My Instagram Isn’t Telling the Whole Truth

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d think that my life is all fitness, food, and fun, and it is – most of the time.  But it’s also more than that and since I like to keep things real and I believe my audience appreciates my honesty, here is the scoop on my life and what doesn’t get Instagrammed … Continued

Dear Competitors: Why I’m Cheering For You With All My Heart

The calibre of lifting in the Classic Women’s Open 63kg class has sky-rocketed recently and competition for a spot on Team Canada will be fierce this year.  I regularly get messages from friends & teammates like “Have you seen this girl?” and “Watch out, she’s coming into your weight class!” or  “So-and-so has a big deadlift too, be careful”.  Does … Continued

IPF World Championships Recap: Salo, Finland

Worlds are over.  Hard to believe I’m already on the other side.  The entire experience flew by and my goal was to live & love the crap outta every minute of it.  I think I succeeded.  Without sounding too cliche, competing at Worlds changed me.  Not in a ‘I can add this to my resume” … Continued

Top 5 Non-Health-Products That Improved My Health

We’re constantly bombarded with products that claim to improve our health, wellness, fitness, and quality of life.  It can be overwhelming, confusing, and expensive.  Here are the Top 5 Non-Health-Products that I bought recently that made a big impact on my health.  They might not be an obvious fit into the “health & wellness” category … Continued

2015 Nationals Recap, Worlds, and Training Year in Review

Everyone keeps asking me how Nationals went and the answer is…it’s a long story!  One that actually started after Nationals last year. Since I like long stories and this is my blog, here it is: Yes, I’m going to Finland!  So much work and prep went into this year as my goal was to win 1st … Continued

My Top 5 Ways to Get that First Pull Up!

Pull Ups / Chin Ups are one of the biggest goals for many of our clients. Getting that first pull up, especially for our female clients, is a huge achievement! There are many different training strategies we use at Epicentre to help get our clients there. Here are a few:   #1 – Just get … Continued

My Top 5 Kitchen Essentials

I LOVE to cook! Preparing healthy, fresh food at home for myself and my family is one of my favourite things to do.  Food quality and taste are extremely important to me.  Also, because of my training, having the right foods ready at the right times is essential. This does require some planning ahead so, … Continued