Where have I gone?

I have been posting my log on powerliftinglog.com…. However, I will try to link my log to this blog post. http://www.powerliftinglog.com/rosenator/2873

Havoc at the Hudson

I have been pretty sucky updating my log – since I am in Singapore right now I figure I can do the recap on my show. I felt as though I was up for competing despite all my travels – I nailed 675llbsx2 off the blocks, 260lbsx2 Strict Log Press and a 275 Axle CP. … Continued

Final Countdown

Just getting ready for a show down in New York State… Monday Block Pulls – worked up to 675X2 Deadlift – 4X3 @ 405 Ab Wheel   Weds Strict BB press – Worked up to 245X2 and dropped to 205X6 for two sets Seated DB overhead – 3X16@60 Thurs High Box Squats – worked up … Continued

Back Home

Saturday  – Events Axle Clean and Press – 2X1@275 and 1X3@250 Farmers – One run of 70ft at 235lbs/Hand Sun – Tris Since I popped my right pec – I decided to hit my tris pretty hard. Incline DB Skullcruches – 4X10@60lbs Standing Tri Extension – 3X20 Monday Deadlift – 2X2@545 and then 1X4@545. Snatch … Continued

Travelling and Training

My log has taken a tumble and so I will try to be more up to date. I am in Minneapolis and have for once managed to get some decent training in – this is a rare occurrence but there are some great gyms here. Tues – 16th Sept @ Los Campeones (Old Location) This … Continued

Lifting and such

I needed to get a lot of work in because we were having the Moderately Stronger than Average Man show on Saturday. What a spectacular success and it is just amazing how strong these guys have become.   Monday Deadlift 8X3@495 SLDL 3X6@365 Weds Log 4X1@235 Strict Log 2X3, 1X8 all @ 205 Incline Log … Continued

Training for Nothing and Everything at the Same Time

  Monday Deadlift – 8X3@455. This was pretty easy SLDL – 3×6@315. Very easy Weds Bench with Slingshot 3X1@405 and 1X1 with 425 (Hard) Bench 1X8@315 Hard (Some Paused, Some Not) Strict Log Press – 2X3@185, 1X10@185 Triceps and Other stuff Thurs Light Sled Drag 3XYoke@600lbs – Slow as all hell. Squats – 1X10,1X8 with … Continued


Need to figure out what to compete in and whether I do Master’s Nationals in Vegas… Monday Farmer’s Deadlifts (no straps) – Worked up to 770lbs which was not easy but happy my grip was good. Block pulls – 3×3@560 Tire Flips 2×5 – This felt much better. Weds 4×1 Berg Log – Worked up … Continued


It is not often that I bow out of something for the sake of self-preservation – even though I had airline tix booked. In any case – I thought long and hard about heading to Canada’s Strongest Man and I felt there was just not enough information from the promoter to make it worthwhile in … Continued

Training Re-Cap

My training log has not been up to speed – but some recent highlights include: Hitting the 275 Axle – mind you I ma not consistent. Nailing 420 on the slingshot and then 260 for 15 with a pause on the last rep on the bench. My deadlift is still in the shitter though but … Continued