Looking Back: Iron Sisters Strength Camp

Phew! It’s been a busy couple of months here at Epicentre. With 2014 quickly coming to an end, our staff has been reflecting on the highlights of this year – as trainers, coaches, and athletes!  Here’s one of Catherine’s most-loved experiences of 2014  – attending the Iron Sisters Strength Camp this past summer in Hamilton, … Continued

Training Weeks 25-33

It’s been too long since I updated this log. Went to the Saguenay Open on November 8th and went 9 for 9: Squat: 225/232.5/237.5 Bench: 142.5/150/152.5 Deadlift: 265/275/287.5 Sept. 22nd, 24th, 25th, 27th 2014 (Week 25) Deload week, just did some light stuff. Sept. 29th (Week 26) BS 485×1, 495×1, 510×1, 515×1 BS 440×3, 440×3 Snatch … Continued

Havoc at the Hudson

I have been pretty sucky updating my log – since I am in Singapore right now I figure I can do the recap on my show. I felt as though I was up for competing despite all my travels – I nailed 675llbsx2 off the blocks, 260lbsx2 Strict Log Press and a 275 Axle CP. … Continued

Final Countdown

Just getting ready for a show down in New York State… Monday Block Pulls – worked up to 675X2 Deadlift – 4X3 @ 405 Ab Wheel   Weds Strict BB press – Worked up to 245X2 and dropped to 205X6 for two sets Seated DB overhead – 3X16@60 Thurs High Box Squats – worked up … Continued

Back Home

Saturday  – Events Axle Clean and Press – 2X1@275 and 1X3@250 Farmers – One run of 70ft at 235lbs/Hand Sun – Tris Since I popped my right pec – I decided to hit my tris pretty hard. Incline DB Skullcruches – 4X10@60lbs Standing Tri Extension – 3X20 Monday Deadlift – 2X2@545 and then 1X4@545. Snatch … Continued

Travelling and Training

My log has taken a tumble and so I will try to be more up to date. I am in Minneapolis and have for once managed to get some decent training in – this is a rare occurrence but there are some great gyms here. Tues – 16th Sept @ Los Campeones (Old Location) This … Continued

Saguenay Open Prep Weeks 21-24

Napalm Classic Recap August 23rd was the Napalm Classic and it was two-thirds good. Two-thirds because bench went well 3 for 3 and a new meet PR of 152.5kg. Deadlift was really exciting I smoked my 265kg opener, smoked my 275kg 2nd attempt getting a new all time PR, then I pretty much smoked my … Continued

Weeks 14-20: Meet Prep

August 23rd is the big day and I’m pretty happy with my progress on the bench and deadlift. After not training the back squat for 14 weeks I’m relatively happy with what I’ve been able to do, haven’t really lost strength but I did change the technique to help reduce the bar tilt. Although the tilt … Continued

Lifting and such

I needed to get a lot of work in because we were having the Moderately Stronger than Average Man show on Saturday. What a spectacular success and it is just amazing how strong these guys have become.   Monday Deadlift 8X3@495 SLDL 3X6@365 Weds Log 4X1@235 Strict Log 2X3, 1X8 all @ 205 Incline Log … Continued