IPF World Championships Recap: Salo, Finland

Worlds are over.  Hard to believe I’m already on the other side.  The entire experience flew by and my goal was to live & love the crap outta every minute of it.  I think I succeeded.  Without sounding too cliche, competing at Worlds changed me.  Not in a ‘I can add this to my resume” … Continued

My Top 5 Ways to Get that First Pull Up!

Pull Ups / Chin Ups are one of the biggest goals for many of our clients. Getting that first pull up, especially for our female clients, is a huge achievement! There are many different training strategies we use at Epicentre to help get our clients there. Here are a few:   #1 – Just get … Continued

Update: Jennifer’s Success Story – 130 pounds lost!

One of our biggest success stories of 2014 is our client Jennifer, who was featured in this blog post back in May.  Jennifer has continued to work hard and her total weight loss is now an incredible 130 pounds! We’re so proud of her continued commitment to training and ultimately, to herself. The focus of … Continued

Looking Back: Iron Sisters Strength Camp

Phew! It’s been a busy couple of months here at Epicentre. With 2014 quickly coming to an end, our staff has been reflecting on the highlights of this year – as trainers, coaches, and athletes!  Here’s one of Catherine’s most-loved experiences of 2014  – attending the Iron Sisters Strength Camp this past summer in Hamilton, … Continued

News Flash: I don’t have a six-pack, and I’m OK with it

This past weekend I met a 20-something year old guy, who asked what I did for a living.  When I said that I was a personal trainer, he immediately cut me off and asked me to show him my 6-pack.  Like it is some sort of prerequisite for being an accomplished trainer and athlete.  He … Continued

Train with me in Westmount Park for the Month of June!

It’s no secret that I love Lululemon! Not just the clothing but also, the community. I was a Lululemon Ambassador from 2008-2010 and I’ve since developed a close relationship with the staff at the Greene store here in Westmount (http://www.lululemon.com/montreal/greene).   Otto has his own relationship with them too – he likes to stop in for … Continued

What’s the Deal with “Real”?

What does the word “REAL” mean around here at Epicentre?   The first thing you’ll see on the Epicentre Training homepage is the word REAL.  But what does it mean to us and why is it so prominent?  When I opened Epicentre in 2008, I wanted something different from conventional gyms where I had been … Continued

Ce qui l’attendait après cette course de 100m? L’ Océan avec 1m de vagues!

J’ai  récemment  eu  le  défi  d’entraîner  une  cliente qui  avait  un  objectif spécifique à atteindre dans un délai précis de 4 mois. Renée, inscrite à une formation de Sauvetage National Océanique, là où les candidats doivent repousser leurs limites et atteindre un niveau de perfectionnement optimal en sauvetage, elle devait être en  mesure  de  relever  … Continued