Dear Competitors: Why I’m Cheering For You With All My Heart

The calibre of lifting in the Classic Women’s Open 63kg class has sky-rocketed recently and competition for a spot on Team Canada will be fierce this year.  I regularly get messages from friends & teammates like “Have you seen this girl?” and “Watch out, she’s coming into your weight class!” or  “So-and-so has a big deadlift too, be careful”.  Does … Continued

IPF World Championships Recap: Salo, Finland

Worlds are over.  Hard to believe I’m already on the other side.  The entire experience flew by and my goal was to live & love the crap outta every minute of it.  I think I succeeded.  Without sounding too cliche, competing at Worlds changed me.  Not in a ‘I can add this to my resume” … Continued

Training Weeks 25-33

It’s been too long since I updated this log. Went to the Saguenay Open on November 8th and went 9 for 9: Squat: 225/232.5/237.5 Bench: 142.5/150/152.5 Deadlift: 265/275/287.5 Sept. 22nd, 24th, 25th, 27th 2014 (Week 25) Deload week, just did some light stuff. Sept. 29th (Week 26) BS 485×1, 495×1, 510×1, 515×1 BS 440×3, 440×3 Snatch … Continued

Saguenay Open Prep Weeks 21-24

Napalm Classic Recap August 23rd was the Napalm Classic and it was two-thirds good. Two-thirds because bench went well 3 for 3 and a new meet PR of 152.5kg. Deadlift was really exciting I smoked my 265kg opener, smoked my 275kg 2nd attempt getting a new all time PR, then I pretty much smoked my … Continued

Weeks 14-20: Meet Prep

August 23rd is the big day and I’m pretty happy with my progress on the bench and deadlift. After not training the back squat for 14 weeks I’m relatively happy with what I’ve been able to do, haven’t really lost strength but I did change the technique to help reduce the bar tilt. Although the tilt … Continued

Fixing Tilt 12 & 13: Next Meet Coming

Past two weeks of training have been good but I still wish I had more time to do more assistance and correctives. But that’s really on me for being so damn slow. I have a deload next week and then it’s all about preparing for my next meet: Classique Napalm on August 23rd. A short … Continued

Fixing Tilt 10 & 11: 600lbs Deadlift Finally!

Things are going relatively well but I’m a little disappointed in myself for not doing more specific exercises to work on the tilt for the past few weeks. I’ve been hitting some great numbers this cycle but all that hard work leaves me drained and I don’t have the time to do single-leg stuff and … Continued

Fixing The Tilt Weeks 6,7,8,9

Training continues to go well, really enjoying the workouts. I’m learning how to work hard thanks to Warren but I still have much to learn. The tilt is looking better! Monday May 12 SSB Squat 400×1, 410×1, 420×1, 430×1, 435×1 SSB Squat 370×3, 370×3, 370×8 Sumo to knees 200kgx6x6x6 Tuesday May 13 Paused Slingshot 345×3, … Continued

Fixing My Bar Tilt Weeks 4&5

I think things are going quite well hitting some rep PRs on the bench and squat variations which are really fun. I’m just really enjoying my time in the gym, working hard, and feeling stronger. Sunday April 27 Box Squat: 435×1, 435×1, 445×1, 455×1, 465×1 Box Squat: 395×3, 395×3, 395×8 Sumo Block: 495x6x3 Single Leg … Continued

Fixing My Bar Tilt Weeks 1,2,3

Started a new program which still has me training hard but in a way that will hopefully move me towards correcting the bar tilt that I have in my squat. Tuesday April 8, 2014 Box Squats: 315x5x5 Cook-Band Squats: 225x6x3 SL RDL: 8kgx12x4 Wall Sits w/band: 30secxOrangex3 Wednesday April 9, 2014 Paused Bench: 275×1, 305×1, … Continued