Life Lessons From Powerlifting

A few months ago, I invited some of Canada’s best female powerlifters to come kick it with me in Montreal for the weekend. Steph Puddicome, Joanna Rieber, Sarah Kolbuc, Sarah Leighton, Jessica Benedetto, and Meana Franco all hopped in their cars and on planes to come train, eat, and hang together for a mere 24 … Continued

Why My Instagram Isn’t Telling the Whole Truth

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d think that my life is all fitness, food, and fun, and it is – most of the time.  But it’s also more than that and since I like to keep things real and I believe my audience appreciates my honesty, here is the scoop on my life and what doesn’t get Instagrammed … Continued

2015 Nationals Recap, Worlds, and Training Year in Review

Everyone keeps asking me how Nationals went and the answer is…it’s a long story!  One that actually started after Nationals last year. Since I like long stories and this is my blog, here it is: Yes, I’m going to Finland!  So much work and prep went into this year as my goal was to win 1st … Continued

I like cake, just like the rest of you.

My birthday is coming up, which means one thing: birthday cake! And you can be sure that I’ll be having a nice, big piece to celebrate. Why the need to announce this? It seems my clients are either fascinated, surprised, comforted or even upset when I indulge in something.  What I eat is apparently interesting … Continued

Client Profile: Meet David!

Epicentre’s clients are varied and unique. They come from all walks of life, ranging in age from 14-77! Their training needs are different – some are athletes, others are new to exercise; some are retired, while others are busy executives and/or parents on the go!  What they have in common though, is that they love … Continued

Week 2 – Day 1 and some additional thoughts

I was reading Andrew’s log about his sub-par performance on his block pulls. I think the Rolling Stones said it best – “You don’t always get what you want”. I just think you need to get the work in because you will be better for it. Far too often, folks (I am referring to competitive … Continued

Ottawa Open 2013

We had a great time! The Ottawa Open is a big meet, always well-run, great caliber of lifters, and has a fun, summer-vacation kind of vibe. Meg, Catherine and my client Louise (who is prepping for a push-pull at the upcoming World Police & Fire Games in Dublin) came as the cheering section. Much appreciated … Continued

Practicing Yin Yoga

In March, I completed Yin Yoga Teacher Training, at Happy Tree Yoga in Montreal.  It was a wonderful experience, where I learned the principles behind Yin, how to deepen the practice of yoga, and how to apply the practice for its physical benefits in programming for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone drawn to yoga. You … Continued