Membership to Epicentre gives you access to the best environment in Montreal to meet your training goals. We’re equipped for all your strength & conditioning needs, and our community is a great resource for feedback, learning, and sharing.

We are specialized in powerlifting & strongman, but not everyone who trains at Epicentre is a powerlifter! We have plenty of members who simply want to get fit, feel stronger, and train in a fun and supportive environment. All levels are welcome! If you are new to training we suggest that you begin with 1-3 private sessions.

Memberships give you unlimited access to our facility during our Open Gym Hours. Mobility Class is included. Monthly billing, no yearly contracts, no cancellation fees.


Regular Rate $95
Part-time Students / Fire / Police / Military / Medical $85
Full-time Students $75
10x Drop-in Card $100
Single drop-in $12
One-week Try-Out pass $25
* Taxes not included


Monday – Friday 5:30-8:30pm + Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-9am.
Saturday 10am-3pm
Sunday 11am-2pm


If you prefer to follow in individualized plan, you may work with one of our coaches. Please contact us for details regarding personal training and programming fees.


If you are interested in competitive Powerlifting however, Epicentre is Montreal’s premiere facility to prepare for competitions at the regional, provincial, national level and beyond!

Please note that Strongman training may not be suitable for beginners and poses more risk of injury. For this reason, we do not guarantee the use of certain strongman equipment. Please contact us for more information.