Epicentre Mobility Class : Prevent Injuries and lift better

Mobility Class Montreal
Mobility Class Montreal

Foam rolling, stretching, pre-hab, activation, mobility: You know you need to do it because it can help improve your lifting technique and reduce your chance of injury but you also know it doesn’t always seem work, can get really complicated, and hurts too much! The goal of the Epicentre Mobility Classes is to teach you safe and effective ways to simplify and focus your mobility efforts so that you can get the most out of your warm-up and training.

Each class is independent and will be unique to the movement deficits of the participants or the movement demands of the group training programming (which is fancy way of saying if everybody in the class has trouble squatting then that’s what we’ll work on). Classes start 30 minutes before group training (5:30pm) so that participants can use the session to prepare for their upcoming training.

Coach: Andrew Lutzuk is a competitive powerlifter who was motivated to learn about mobility and injury rehabilitation because of recurring injuries he sustained during training. To compliment his self-directed study of movement he completed the Crossfit Movement & Mobility Trainer course in 2013 and attended the Function Movement Systems (FMS) Level 1 & 2 training course in 2014.

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Mobility Class Outline

  • Restoring regular breath and core stabilization functioning. Beginning of class will be spent working on restoring diaphragmatic breathing and learning to bracing properly during all movements (5 minutes).
  • Restore range of motion to an area in deficit. Will depend on movement of the day (squat, bench, deadlift, OHP) and participants in attendance (10-15 minutes). Examples:
    • Use foam roller, lacrosse ball to open up feet, ankles, calves
    • Use contract relax technique to restore hip flexor range of motion
    • Use banded distraction to put shoulder in a more optimal position before working on shoulder range of motion

    *If a participant does not have any range of motion deficits then more breathing and core stabilization exercises will be suggested.

  • Use and strength new range of motion through use of targeted exercises and moving towards a total body warm-up and muscle activation (10-15 minutes). Example:
    • Cat-camels with breathing to push-up plus to push-up T reach to prone shoulder angels to supine shoulder angels
    • Ankle circles to wall ankle mobilization to elephant crawl to air squat to lunge to spiderman reach, to air squat
    • Goblet Squats, to KB bag hinges, to KB halos, to goblet squats

*After seeing what works best warm-ups will be recorded and repeated. These can then be used in other contexts.

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