kacey baines
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Kacey Baines

Founder / Powerlifter / Coach

Kacey is a long-time personal trainer and strength coach who has been a multi-time Canadian Champion in the Canadian Powerlifting Union (67.5kg Open Equipped 2009 & 2010, 63kg Open Classic 2014 & 2015). She has achieved multiple provincial and national records, and represented Canada at the 2015 IPF World Championships in Salo, Finland, and the 2015 Commonwealth Championships in Vancouver, BC. Her best raw lifts are 137.5kg Squat, 70kg Bench, and 182.5kg Deadlift in the 63kg category; and best equipped lifts are 175kg Squat, 75kg Bench, and 182.5kg Deadlift in the 67.5kg category. In addition to her own lifting, she has coached powerlifters at the provincial, national, and world level with podium finishes throughout. While she retired from competing in 2017 to focus on starting a family, Kacey is still passionate about powerlifting and educating people about her sport.

Kacey founded Epicentre in early 2008 with the goal of creating a training space that would accommodate everyone from the beginner to the advanced athlete, as well as non-athletes looking to get fit and strong. She has worked tirelessly to build a positive, welcoming, and friendly environment for gym-goers who may feel intimidated by the weight room, and has taught hundreds of clients how to strength train safely and effectively. With a new-found appreciation of the demands of family life, Kacey’s approach to fitness is all about finding ways to make it work!

Xin Di Dong
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Xin Di Dong

Physical Therapist/ Strength Coach/ Powerlifter

Xin has been fascinated with the human body’s ability to adapt to exercise since he started training at the local YMCA in high school. He became a YMCA fitness instructor and has been committed to training ever since! Xin has a Master of Science in Physical Therapy and is currently a licensed physiotherapist within the OPPQ (Order Professionnel de la Physiothérapeute du Québec). Xin has worked with a wide range of clients from desk jockeys wanting to be healthier, to those wanting to move pain-free, to powerlifters looking to gain strength. Xin has been competing in the Canadian Powerlifting Union since 2013. As of February 2017, his best lifts are 252.5kg Squat, 165kg Bench Press and 250kg Deadlift in the 93kg class.

Xin is available for personal training, powerlifting coaching, and physiotherapy treatment.

Nick Roberts
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Nick Roberts


Nick has been a competitive lifter since he began Olympic Weightlifting in 2001, and switched to Powerlifting in 2014. He has represented Canada in both sports at the World Championships, been National Champion in both sports, and is the only known lifter to simultaneously hold Open national records in both sports (4 at the time). Originally from Newfoundland, Nick has worked with many top coaches across Canada and has over 15 years of coaching and personal training experience. He is also a Massage Therapist and Full Body Certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) since 2012. Always looking to learn and improve, he has taken courses with Charles Poliquin and mentored by many of his colleagues such as Jean-Francois Thibault, Christian Thibadeau, Derek Woodske, and many others. Nick also has a keen interest in other activities such as Calisthenics, Muay Thai, Sprinting, and Hiking and believes a well rounded lifestyle is key to staying healthy and happy.

Zoé Cloutier-Guerard
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Zoé Cloutier-Guerard


Holding a BSc in Kinesiology, Zoé’s love of physical activity began with outdoor sports. She discovered running, and while she enjoyed the many physical and mental health benefits, it was the joy of surpassing her own limits that kept her coming back. Having completed an internship working with rehabilitation patients, Zoé developed an interest in therapeutic exercises and functional training aimed at relieving pain and preserving, or recovering, proper mobility. Her training sessions are tailored to every client, with the common thread of strong technique in order to optimize performance and prevent injury. She considers motivational support as being a key element in helping her clients and aims to make every session a combination of both fun and hard work. Zoé is accredited by the CPMDQ (Commission des practiciens en médecine douce du Québec).

Matt Chin
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Matt Chin

Trainer / Strength & Conditioning Specialist / Runner

Among the many sports Matt participated in growing up, he competed primarily in sprint kayak and later simultaneously transitioned into a coaching role over the course of a 10 year career in Pointe-Claire. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Concordia University. Matt is currently completing a Master of Science in Physiotherapy at McGill University, and hopes to use his experience in training and physiotherapy to complement each other with his clients. He has continued weight training and running since his days as a competitive athlete. Most recently, his running PB’s are 40:23 (10k) and 1:32:54 Half Marathon (21k).