kacey baines
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Kacey Baines

Owner / Head Coach / Powerlifter

Kacey is a 4-time National Champion in the Canadian Powerlifting Union (67.5kg Open Equipped 2009 & 2010; 63kg Open Classic/Raw 2014 & 2015), and has achieved multiple provincial and national records. She competed as a member of Team Canada at the 2015 IPF World Championships in Salo, Finland, finishing 8th overall and in the 2015 Commonwealth Championships in Vancouver, BC., finishing first in the 63kg class. Her best raw lifts are 137.5kg Squat, 70kg Bench, and 182.5kg Deadlift, and best equipped lifts are 175kg Squat, 75kg Bench, and 182.5kg Deadlift in the 67.5kg category. Kacey has worked as a personal trainer & coach since 2003 and in that time has taught hundreds of clients to strength train safely and effectively. She is passionate about her sport, and always brings a balanced, no-nonsense approach to coaching & training. Kacey founded Epicentre in early 2008 with the goal of creating a training space that would accommodate everyone from the beginner client to the advanced athlete and everyone in between. She has worked tirelessly to build a community and culture that promote hard work and serious training while maintaining a positive, welcoming, and friendly environment.

Catherine Toupin
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Catherine Toupin

Trainer / Kinesiologist/ Powerlifter

Catherine came on board as a personal trainer at Epicentre in 2013 after demonstrating her passion and enthusiasm for strength training as a member in the group sessions. Catherine was originally a figure skater and a dancer, having even performed on the popular tv show Star Academie. In a dramatic shift, she joined Epicentre to pursue strength athletics and is now a seasoned powerlifter, competing at a National level and achieving both Provincial and National records. She is also Level 1 NCCP Weightlifting certified. Catherine has her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Universite de Montreal (2015), and has a special interest in research of sports concussions. Her enthusiasm for training is contagious and her dedication to her clients is second-to-none. Catherine loves new challenges and is currently training for her first Strongwoman contest.

Xin Di Dong
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Xin Di Dong

Physical Therapist/ Strength Coach/ Powerlifter

Xin has been fascinated with the human body’s ability to adapt to exercise since he started training at the local YMCA in high school. He became a YMCA fitness instructor and has been committed to training ever since! Xin has a Master of Science in Physical Therapy and is currently a licensed physiotherapist within the OPPQ (Order Professionnel de la Physiothérapeute du Québec). Xin has worked with a wide range of clients from desk jockeys wanting to be healthier, to those wanting to move pain-free, to powerlifters looking to gain strength. Xin has been competing in the Canadian Powerlifting Union since 2013. As of February 2017, his best lifts are 252.5kg Squat, 165kg Bench Press and 250kg Deadlift in the 93kg class.

Xin is available for personal training, powerlifting coaching, and physiotherapy treatment.

Oliver Apel
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Oliver Apel

Trainer / Obstacle Racer / Distance Runner

Oliver is an accomplished distance runner, having completed numerous marathons, half-marathons, and 10KM races, as well as leading running clinics for the Running Room. Oliver came to Epicentre as a client in 2010 with the goal of becoming a stronger runner. Strength training became another passion however and he went on to compete in a powerlifting meet. He continues to lift in order to maintain a base of strength for racing. Oliver’s real obsession lies in obstacle racing however – he has competed in multiple Spartan races, Tough Mudders, Super Sprints, and Beast races, and was one of few finishers at the 2016 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships. Oliver’s specialty lies in OCR training, preparation, and coaching. He is available for individual coaching and programming for these types of events.